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由於是備案(Plan b),所以我們有以下的原則:
Though we are your plan b, there are principles that we believe and obey:

  1. 不有趣的事情不做。
    Don’t do anything boring.
  2. 我們不做出不酷的事情。
    Don’t make anything uncool.
  3. 我們不只是顧問公司、企劃公司、設計公司。我們比較像是保險公司。
    We are not just for consultancy, planning and design.
    We would rather like to be called “insurance company” to back up your project.
  4. 永續發展 他媽的很重要。
    Sustainable Development is a fuckin’ important issue.
  5. 我們聽 Radiohead。
    We enjoy Radiohead.
  6. 公司如何創立、夥伴有多少、創辦人的背景…等等習慣的客套性問題一概不回答。一者連我們都不知道答案,二者這些問題或是答案,並不影響工作結果的呈現。
    Cliche questions (such as “how Plan b was founded”, “how many members do Plan b have”, “who is the founder”…) are always being ignored, not only because we don’t yet know the answers, but because the answers are not related to our works at all.
  7. 在這,付錢的不永遠是對的。
    Payers do not have the final say here.
  8. 提供想法、給予解決方案是主要目的。
    All we could offer are ideas with more ideas, solutions with more solutions.
  9. 一週7天,一年365天都在。不過偶爾會任性的消失。
    Available 7/365. (But don’t be surprised by our sudden, temporary disappearance.)
  10. 隨時會有原則的增減。畢竟原則也是要跟著潮流與時代變化的。
    Principles may, and will be reshaped continually by trends and societies.